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WRITER - the read-write web. The web for humans.

Name: James Stallings II aka sparseMatrix Org/Title: Humanity/Self-winding Wingnut, Digital Circus Freak
h-card url: http://jamesstallings.code4peeps.life/ e-mail: mailto:james.stallings@gmail.com
phone# +1.713.417.7034 the site of my literary malfeasance: http://reader.code4peeps.life/reader/index.md

This site was created using my writer software and github's 'github pages' feature. It was pushed from a local repository, the content for which was created with writer.

writer is a lightweight, browser-friendly markdown service. It's mostly intended to be used as an intermediary/auxillary service (middleware) for some other software components. However, it's not burdensome to also support interactive use in the browser (at least, so far), so why not.

writer is a simple and direct combination of python, flask, and markdown2, and supports the full range of markdown syntax. The final HTML-rendered product can be custom styled using CSS.

An entry point to blog is available. Other things will eventually appear here as well.